The MIND, Not the Money, Has To Be the Power

June 26, 2024—In what is now the most expensive primary in U.S. election history, Rep. Jamaal Bowman was just defeated by his challenger George Latimer in New York’s 16th congressional district. Close to $25 million was poured to oust a vulnerable and impotent representative for what were very mild and toothless remarks made against the horrific butchery of tens of thousands of innocent and defenseless civilians, most of whom were children and women, at the hands of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The majority of this $25 million is known to have come from the so-called Zionist Lobby and their enforcers, such as the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), to put in their self-appointed prostitute Latimer.

Bowman suffered a brutal defeat of 17 points. Was such a major blowout inevitable? If a major, single-issue lobby group like AIPAC decides to pour unlimited amounts of money to buy a district, can nothing be done? 

If that were the case, I would not currently be running right now against another one of AIPAC’s bone-headed “empty suits” like Richie Torres. The so-called Squad, of which Bowman is a member, has chosen to abide by the conventional standards of “going along to get along” by aligning themselves to the impotent, aging infrastructure of the Democratic Party instead of actually declaring their independence within their capacity as representatives of Congress. 

A metanoia, or a transformation of conscience, was needed on the parts of Jamaal Bowman, Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and all other members of the so-called “Squad” which came out to supposedly defend the 16th congressional district from AIPAC’s influence. 

Instead of endorsing the clearly dementia-ridden Biden, what if Bowman had said, “I cannot support either of these wars, whether in Gaza or Ukraine, which has brought us to the edge of nuclear war. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are the arbiters of endless war, nothing more. The United States must pull out of both those wars, now!” What if Bernie Sanders, the once alluring presidential candidate in 2016, had said, “It wasn’t the Russians that sabotaged my campaign. It was Hillary, using the pretext of alleged Russian interference, who prevented me from winning the Democratic Primary against the desires of my supporters.” 

A metanoia of this type did not occur, precisely because of the lack of any real understanding of what an independent campaign is. Don’t they realize that the real “Election Day” isn’t actually on the final day of their so-called congressional, presidential, or gubernatorial races? Election Day is the day that the citizenry decides to elect itself, to stand up for the free and independent right to govern one’s self. That’s what I intend to catalyze within The Bronx. That’s what every person who decides to elect themselves, whether for office or not, should do within their districts. It is time that people intervene to tell the TRUTH, not to appease others. As I’ve always believed, “the Truth defies silence.” 

The so-called political uniparty that has been presented to people must be entirely broken with. The ‘forever wars’ now being run in Ukraine against Russia, in Taiwan against China, and other nations that are breaking away with the ‘rules-based-order’ of color revolutions, neocolonialism, interventionist wars, and financial speculation must be opposed from within the United States itself. The poor people of the world, from within the nations of the Global South, have finally been given an alternative, in the form of a just and durable security and development architecture. Nations are now realizing that they can pursue their own economic development. That is the real reason for these wars, and why their backers are willing to pursue full-on nuclear Armageddon to protect themselves from a blowout of their bankrupt system. 

This July should mark the “Independent Voice in Congress” month. Those who intend to challenge themselves to this kind of leadership in statecraft must elect themselves not on their ideology, party, or previous prejudices and beliefs, but on their dreams, aspirations, integrity, and loyalty to the General Welfare. 

The Mind, not the money, must be the Power.