Real Patriots Diane Sare and Jose Vega Attain Ballot Access in New York

By Robert Castle

The May 28th filing of Diane Sare in Albany, NY. Credit: Jason Ross

Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me, fellow citizens) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government. But that jealousy to be useful must be impartial; else it becomes the instrument of the very influence to be avoided, instead of a defense against it. Excessive partiality for one foreign nation and excessive dislike of another cause those whom they actuate to see dangers only on one side, and serve to veil and even second the arts of influence on the other. Real patriots, who may resist the intrigues of the favorite, are liable to become suspected and odious, while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and confidence of the people to surrender their interests. —George Washington, in collaboration with Alexander Hamilton, Farewell Address, 1797

June 1, 2023—If it weren’t for the widespread censorship, the violent repression of political dissent, and the ubiquitous atmosphere of cultural pessimism, the glaring irony would not escape any conscious person’s notice that it is, today, in the United States of America, generally seen as “radical”––or even downright “crazy”—to run for federal office on a policy platform of promoting the General Welfare, of bolstering the nation’s physical economy, of respecting international law, and of resisting and halting the dictatorial drive via proxy into multiple scandalous, suicidal, rapacious, imperial Malthusian wars.

Yet this is exactly what the two independent campaigns of Diane Sare for U.S. Senate in New York and Jose Vega for U.S. House of Representatives (NY CD-15) in the Bronx set out to do. Far from being “radical,” Sare and Vega represent, simply, a principled and unwavering commitment to a properly dynamic, revolutionary conception of the significance of the continued existence of the United States Constitution.

Drawing on the “capital of mind” stored within the various national and international layers organized around Lyndon LaRouche over the past fifty years––and drawing especially on an historical assessment of the cultural preconditions required for the political realization of the foundational principles of the constitutional republic of the United States of America in 1789––these twin candidacies have reached, and far surpassed, the egregious signature-requirements imposed by the State of New York on candidates who refuse to affiliate themselves with the increasingly criminal and hysterical “two-party system.” Though not yet officially “certified” by the party-run Board of Elections in Lower Manhattan, both candidates’ petitions have passed the challenge-period unscathed, and have thus become some of the only candidates in the state of New York to successfully gather the required signatures with a combined total of 85,000.

Diane Sare in Albany, NY, May 28
Sare turned in 70,000 signatures to the New York Board of Elections

To accomplish this patriotic feat, hundreds of volunteers flooded into the state of New York, and into the poorest Congressional District in the United States—the Bronx—some taking off weeks of work, with the revolutionary intention to uphold our constitutionally-protected electoral process, and to dispel the miasma of despair that has been induced in the population through decades of de-industrialization, and the consequent ravages of abject poverty and drug-affliction that have “trickled down” there from the official policies of “benign neglect” (Fn. 1) and “planned shrinkage.”

Vega characterizes his campaign as an instigation within the population for people “to elect themselves” in order to reverse these destructive policies and to rebuild the country.

Leadership To Uplift a Nation

As Diane Sare has publicly remarked on numerous occasions, the crisis facing the country urgently requires qualified leadership, yet there is no competent statesman either in office or in the running for president. Indeed, as the general petitioning results have shown, there is no high-profile candidate backed by a viable political movement who represents even the most basic standard of the continuation of the life of the species as U.S. policy.

What does exist is a sort of hellish zoo spread throughout the government’s various branches and “agencies,” of various factions of anti-American, anti-human, pro-oligarchy, pro-usury cowards, criminals, and imbecilic puppets of the likes of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Ritchie Torres, all of whom are capable, apparently, of little more than parroting the chauvinist lies they incestuously beget in one another’s otherwise-empty minds.

Jose Vega campaigning in the Bronx, NY, April 16. Credit: Pamela Drew

Meanwhile, “NATO” has perpetrated multiple drone strikes against the early-warning radar detection capacities of Russia’s anti-missile nuclear defense systems, to the insane howling cheers of the likes of Dubya-clone Adam Kinzinger.

This bleak reality makes the principled rigor of the Sare and Vega campaigns all the more crucial. A quick calculation shows that the whole petitioning process involved several hundreds of thousands of unique conversations between Sare and Vega organizers and New York/Bronx residents, just within the last six weeks. These conversations were all undertaken in good faith with citizens of all stripes by campaign volunteers, directly subverting the factionalized ideological groupthink of today’s cancel-culture.

During a meeting of the International Peace Coalition on May 31, Sare described one such interaction: “We met people who said, ‘What do you stand for?’ And I would say ‘Peace.’ And they would say ‘What? Well, don’t you think this war is really necessary?’” Sare described how people would then go through a litany of reasons of why the U.S. should be at war today, whether it was “supporting” Ukraine, Israel, or both. The irony is that the vast majority of people have not thought through how this actually benefits them as American citizens. Once such conversations are actually in process, the doors are open for a real discussion on doing away with the manufactured acceptance in a system of endless wars.

We must shatter the popular delusions pushing the U.S. into a nuclear showdown with Russia today, Sare said, and added:

The American people have a moral obligation to be involved in this process, and, rather than acting like two-year olds in a sandbox, to realize that they have to have a voice in the critical issues of the day…. The election should be a referendum on whether we’re going to plunge to thermonuclear war or peace.

We have to quickly create in the United States, and in the West in general, a stronger connection to the paradigm of the BRICS-Plus—what Helga [Zepp-LaRouche] has been calling for in terms of a new strategic architecture. The fact that this is actually emerging, and has been picked up by China, Russia, Brazil…. What is uniform about them? Their religion? Their language? Their form of government? Virtually nothing. But they find they can come together in a common interest for their mutual benefit, for the advancement of mankind. That was something that the American people used to believe in. So I would say that my intention, our intention here in the U.S., is that we have to bring the people into the debate.

Think Like LaRouche

Such a tragic situation as the current political crisis would in all probability have been averted, had Lyndon LaRouche been allowed to exercise his constitutional right to freely run for office, without the interference of the “dupes and tools” peddling the fallacious logics of the “invisible hand of the free market,” “British geopolitical strategy,” “the noble lie,” “the limits to growth,” and “the lesser of two evils.”

With LaRouche, our nation would have had a president who knew how to think like Ludwig van Beethoven, as Lincoln knew how to think like Shakespeare. As LaRouche identified Beethoven’s genius as that of an “epistemologist,” likewise, LaRouche’s unique contribution as an American philosopher and statesman grew out of his ability to sublate ideologies and revolutionize an epistemology through which the subject of universal history could be globally reassessed throughout the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st Centuries.

LaRouche identified what he called the “theological implications of the science of physical economy.” He thus saw the lawful interconnection of the cultural, religious, economic, scientific, military, and historiographical crisis induced within the United States of America by the abandonment of its own constitutional mandate to develop strictly its own national interests, and its consequent assumption of hegemony over the imperial domain of the NATO-aligned West, and its colonial outgrowths––none of which properly belongs to the U.S.

This wrongful possession took place through decades of terror-backed political jingoism, rampant historical erasure and revision, foolish abandonment of scientific progress, unthinking adoption of Nazi-derived cultural precepts, and military-strategic jumboism. In the aftermath of such folly is where we now stand, the crisis into which Sare and Vega have committed themselves to intervene.

The direness of the current world strategic situation, however, itself presents an opportunity to reawaken the nation’s true culture, and activate its true patriotic spirit.

The kaleidoscopic ironies involved all center around the undeniable fact that the United States itself––the very constitutional republic which had, in principle and in deed, dealt the first death-blow to the internationally-extended usurious oligarchical influences then operating through the auspices of the British Empire––has, through the now-rampant oligarchical and foreign-national influence within its own globally-extended military and monetary capabilities, become the enforcer of today’s analogous oligarchical faction.

Yet, despite the real threat of thermonuclear war, Sare and Vega both demonstrate through their commitment to the creation of political freedom, that the fatal aspect of these ironies does not need to predominate in our thinking. Through their optimistic adherence to the concept that mankind is fundamentally good, both maintain and prove that the world is surely on the brink of peace as well as it is on the brink of war.

Thus, just as the American sanctions of recent years against Russia have not only failed to “turn the Ruble into rubble” (as “Genocide Joe” expected), but have rather induced the political-economic circumstances in which Russia’s military standing has shifted decidedly in her favor––this despite the NATO sabotage of the enormous Nord Stream pipeline; so, too, the oligarchical financial interests parasitically lodged within the corrupted remains of the two-party system in Lower Manhattan, and the gangster-like control over the electoral process thus held there, have failed to contain the now-broadening political ferment surrounding the Sare and Vega campaigns.

Like the student encampments on campuses across the United States and the world, those hundreds of thousands of conversations undertaken by hundreds of dedicated volunteer campaigners in what is essentially an emergency war-time mobilization “to promote the General Welfare,” represent the outbreak of sanity in a world threatened by a grave concatenation of systemic crises. The patriotic world-citizens who reoriented their lives, putting everything on hold to drive and fly from Ohio, Missouri, New Mexico, California, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Canada, and elsewhere, into New York to put Jose Vega and Diane Sare on the ballot, prove by example that such an outbreak of sanity is what is actually meant by “the pursuit of happiness”—the American insistence on bringing about that which is better. Such an example is what must now be emulated and actuated, and that rapidly.

Campaigning, April 20. Credit: X/Jose Vega

With the leadership of Diane Sare and Jose Vega, eminently viable solutions, representing the culmination of centuries of the ingenious development of that most precious, infinite resource––“capital of mind”––can become again, against all odds, the international currency of a new American political discourse. Free-traders and their two-bit slavery-addicted theories be damned; the United States must join hands with the majority of humanity and fulfill its contribution to the common destiny of Humankind.

In that sense, the petitioning period represented just the beginning. The real work of continuing to transform the nation is still to come. As Sare said in the press release announcing her petitioning success:

Coming out of here we are going to be doing banner deployments, street deployments, field deployments…. We have to have the image of what the United States will do when it joins the Belt and Road Initiative, when we [in the United States] come back to our real patriotic revolutionary identity…. Whether we control what happens to the election or not, we have to win the policy, because if we don’t, none of us may be here to commemorate Memorial Day in the future.


1. The Democratic party incumbent, “Richy” Torres, describing himself as the “champion of Israel,” releases a daily logorrheic stream of AIPAC-laundered propaganda for the State of Israel, which recently culminated in his shameless endorsement of increased campus surveillance in his “Columbia Act,” directly on the heels of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech demanding just such increased militarization of our nation’s campuses. The much blathered-about “drastic rise of anti-Semitism on U.S. campuses,” is obviously in fact a rise in concern for the besieged people of Palestine, the majority of whom are, of course, Semitic. The only thing “Richy” Torres “represents” is the truth of the statement made by Washington in his prophetic Farewell Address, that, “The nation which indulges towards another an habitual hatred or an habitual fondness is to some degree a slave.”

That is not even to mention the increasingly realistic fears of an actual thermonuclear confrontation between NATO and Russia, which Torres has also idiotically voted up during his term. As the case of the aggrieved self-immolation of U.S. Airman Aaron Bushnell exemplifies, the actual citizens of the United States of America (as opposed to the various actuated puppets of foreign influence sleep-walking through the halls of our government)––or at least those citizens who still have enough mental courage and intelligence to figure out the basic contours of their own complicity in a synarchic program of global terror––are being pushed to the brink of absolute despair by their monetarily-coerced complicity in what is a military policy so self-doomed that it would make the goddess Ate herself cry out, “Stop! For God’s sake, stop!”